1. Photographer: Ashlee Guest
    Assignment: Open/Final Portfolio
    Inspired by: Julia Margaret Cameron
    Model: Aubrie Rodriguez
    Makeup: Alla
    Equipment: Large Format 4x5 Camera, 1 umbrella lighting

    Edit: I’ve since updated the editing on these images, which you can see on my other websites.

  2. Directed by me. Special thanks to my friends Will and Aubrie, both of which without I wouldn’t have survived this summer semester.

    This is my first ever multimedia, created for my Summer 2013 Multimedia class, which is a required course to earn my degree in photography! Motion is apparently hand-in-hand with still these days.

    Filmed at the Southeast Center for Photographic Studies (SCPS), Daytona State College. Equipment: Canon EOS Rebel t3i, a handy recorder, and a very glitchy Final Cut Express 4.

    I was originally inspired by 50 People 1 Question and had planned to work in downtown DeLand, pulling strangers off the street to interview. That would have been great if Florida weather had been kind enough to work with me! It proceeded to rain EVERY weekend (and by rain I mean torrential downpours) that I went out to shoot, and what little footage I did glean outside couldn’t be used. I mostly blame my inexperience for this. So, about 6 weeks into the 10 week semester, I gave in: I packed up and went inside, grabbing students (and even a faculty member) out of classrooms to question.

    Lessons learned: Always have backup plans. Have people that you can count on. Double check audio levels before exporting and uploading your work to show the world.

  3. I bet you’ve never thought about how much light changes the shape of your face. Check out this incredible piece of work showcasing exactly how different we look based on the type of lighting, the amount of the light, and the direction it comes from. 

    Two thumbs up! I love this.

    (Source: ebaumsworld.com)